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Carri Lawrence offers over 25 years of sales, marketing and recruiting experience. One of her most memorable positions would be when she started out on the ground floor for an up and coming company Resulte Universal a staffing company based out of Dallas, TX. After a few short months she was promoted to Division Director and asked to launch, developed and managed a Healthcare Business Office Staffing Division. After a good strong 3 years of employment with Resulte Universal a company that generated revenue of approximately $23 million for the last twelve months she was there, in 2007 was purchased by Spherion a national publicly traded company. Once the transition was complete with her employer Carri then left to venture to Go Get'em Staffing that specialized in Accounting Finance, Medical Business Office, Event, Liquor and Promotional Model Staffing. Her core focus was the State of Texas where she was responsible for hiring, training, mentoring and managing internal staff of 5 in Dallas, 2 in Houston, 1 in Austin and 2 in Chicago. They conducted events in Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Corpus Christi, and The Valley. Carri was responsible for all internal and external staff and traveled extensively to all markets. Her efforts the first year generated over $500K in sales and 4 years later and the last year generated over $3M in sales. Carri landed major clients such as the Safeway chains that provided wine demonstrators and promotional models for the State of Texas and Chicago, averaged 150-300 events per month. Texas Motor Speedway, each race staffed over 200+ staff for 3-6 day period. Texas Stadium-Dallas Cowboys, staffed over 100+ contractors per home game. Reliant Stadium-Houston staffed between 50-150 contractors each event. Carri is currently in the Cannabis Event Space where she is the founder of Chronic Palooza, Chronic Docs, Chronic Brands, Chronic Cuties, Chronic Grudge supporting ancillary support.

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Chronic Docs was one of the first medical cannabis telemedicine scheduling service that offers virtual doctor visits with Oklahoma Board Certified Doctors who are approved through the OMMA from the comfort of your own home. We take pride in helping patients get to see a doctor online easily and affordably to get their Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, Patient Card. Since 2019, we’ve helped over 90,000+ patients. Can we help you next?

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