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Chronic Brands has been part of the grudge matches since the first set of bouts in 2018 when 788
passed. The Grinder.LIVE was on site with Carri Chronic providing commentary, Larry Reed the
Man on Weed MC’d and the Chronic Cuties were born in Newcastle under a huge white tent.
Although the players, partners and sanctioning bodies in the event has changed over time the new and
improved “Chronic Grudge” is stronger than ever. The Chronic Grudge has created a culture and a
platform where individuals in the cannabis space who feel they have been wronged, taken advantage
of or disrespected can “CALL OUT” the person and settle their issues in a legal and sanctioned event
governed by the Oklahoma Athletic Commission.

What is a “Call Out”?

The person who has been wronged is given a social media platform with the
Chronic Brands to go LIVE and “Call Out” the person that has wronged them. After the “Call Out”
we follow up with the person that was requested to settle the issues in the ring to see if they will accept
the bout. If they do not accept the bout then the person who called them out at a minimum gets
bragging rights that they called that person out on the issues, but the request is dropped. If the person
accepts the “Call Out”, then they both start training and prepare to bout in the next match. Each fighter
will have three, one minute bouts to duke it out in the ring. At the end of the match and the winner is
named, both fighters must dap or shake hands and the beef that was there has to be squashed……
unless they don’t like the outcome of who won and they call each other out again to the next fight.
The Chronic Grudge offers a platform where amateur kickboxers (non grudge) can gain bout
experience while being sponsored by businesses in the industry to help market their brands.
What can you expect when you attend a Grudge Match? Our event is jam packed with quality
professional kick boxing bouts. We offer a full bar on site, catering, VIP table service, Chronic Cutie
Ring Girls, Chronic Cutie “Carnival Girls”, Give aways and live music performances and

Submit here

if you want to register to be a fighter or do a call out.
Create Form Letter to have it


Contact info to Call 866-405-9333

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